Have you ever had a friend where life seemed to send you on different journeys, but no matter where your travels brought you, the two of you always, at some point, crossed paths again – picking up exactly where you left off with ZERO weirdness between the two of you? Almost like you saw each other the day before, but in reality it had been months, even years? Well, I do and while I don’t like being separated from him, I know that if and when I ever needed him, he would always be there for me and vice versa if the roles were reversed.

For me, it had always been comforting to know that I had a true friend in life and I knew that fact by us having to separate time and time again, but then come back together so easily – fitting snuggly in a “welcome back” embrace. I’m a big believer in signs, and to me that just proved over and over again that we should always be a part of each other’s lives in one fashion or another.

Truly feeling free enough to be yourself around someone, friend or lover, is a big deal. I mean, I suppose we all wear our guards to a certain extent, but when you can honestly let loose at certain times and just be yourself…damn that feels good. And for those of you who can be yourselves all the time, wow! What a blessing! An example for us would be just picking up and taking off on a three, two, or even a one day road trip…say to Austin, TX.

We started driving, well he drove; I rode. You know how men have to be behind the wheel, at least this male does. So I don’t know, I guess the road trip took about five to six hours from our homes to get to a friend we were meeting. I’ll never forget being in the car with him for that time. It was the first time we’d spent that much time alone together.

I guess at this point you’re wondering if things got uncomfortable, but they didn’t.

We’d talked, we didn’t talk, we’d listened to Sade; we didn’t listen to anything. We rode with the windows up, and with them down. It didn’t matter what we did, we just dwelled in each other’s company in a relaxing, freeing and comforting environment that I will always cherish and keep with me.

If you’re wondering why I decided to write this post and share these tidbits, or you’re wondering what my point is and when I’m going to make it – well…I don’t exactly have one.

I will say that while I have acquaintances, I don’t have many friends and having true friends are one of life’s beautiful treasure’s so I thought I’d pay tribute to mine by writing this post. And while this post does no justice to him, or our friendship, hopefully he’ll get from it that I love him very much and cherish the time that we do get to spend together.

We are currently hanging out in each other’s company again and hopefully we will have another great adventure soon. If not, staying up most of the night cooking dinner, while drinking wine and listening to John Mayer, suits me just fine.

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  1. What a beautiful and wonderful post!!! Words can not express how beautiful this post is to me!!! I once took a trip to Austin with someone just like you mentioned!!! It was a great, amazing trip!!!! It was like taking a trip with your soulmate!!

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  2. shatteredwish says:

    What an outstanding story! It kinda reminds me of me and my best friend. I am so glad you had that experience and you were able to reconnect. Its amazing to have someone in your life like that. Great post!

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  3. Thank you! I feel the same way and I am just enjoying the time that we have together.

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