ARTOFSELFBLOG, what is that about, you ask? Simply put, it’s about admission of grief, REdiscovery, REdefining of self, and onward searching, while accepting where we are in life. Yes, our inner selves are full of artistic fragments that are waiting to outline these new pathways for us as long as we allow it. PASSION – if you were to ever ask me, I’d tell you – is my favorite, beloved, desired, choice word in life. Whether it is passion that brings pain, or passion that brings pleasure, if you have it – passion that is – then you still feel, and that says EVERYTHING. Life is hard and has a way of stealing that emotion from us, and to me, is one of the most important emotions that we as humans posses. With that being said, life is also good and when it is, it is RICH. Let’s celebrate, cry, and open up about what moves us to survive. At artofselfblog, you can bring your past, your present, your growth, your decline. No one will judge you here. Please, join the conversation with your passions whether they are struggles, accomplishments, victories, defeats…whatever moves you. WELCOME.


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  1. Pam says:

    Interested to see how this works. Not familiar with blogging but your page seems like a nice place to stop in, grab a cup of Joe, and unwind! Nicely Done! Plan to drop back by when time affords!

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  2. John grass says:

    Much love!! John Grads

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  3. And much love to you, sir 😉


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