Who out there has been DISmissed by an almost significant other, an almost lover, an almost soul-mate? Today, I was, except it felt very different than the usual crude let down through a text message, through a friend, through an email, etc. Wait, I forgot the worst one – Face Book?! Thank God that didn’t happen to me. He didn’t show up in person, but he did take the time to call and he’s a very busy man, a seriously busy man. What was most sincere about the entire conversation was that he was actually being honest with me. Come on guys, how often does that actually happen in the real world? NEVER, at least that’s the story for me until today. It’s kind of strange to feel elated over a, I don’t want to say breakup because we weren’t dating per say, but holy moly did we have something, so let’s just pretend that we were dating and call it a breakup. Yes, I like to pretend that he was mine.  Don’t judge me. To me, the man is a man’s man, real man, kind of man (that makes no sense), so let’s just say he’s the kind of man that you don’t let get away – at least when you have a say in the matter – which clearly I don’t in this scenario of a relationship. But don’t cry for me Argentina! Imagine the most persistent bugger that you’ve ever met, then multiply as high as you can and throw it on top…that’s me. I will get this man’s man to gravitate toward me and pull me into his love-sphere. Love-sphere? Don’t ask because I have no idea.

You may be wondering why I sound a little too cheery after being dumped by my non-boyfriend, boyfriend? Well, the truth is, after years of dating and dating and dating and dating, I’ve come to learn that it’s best not to depend on a man to do the right thing. (To all men reading this, I’m sorry for making this about you. If I were a dude, I’d be making it all about the ladies). Moving on. I was just so shocked that he actually called, sounding worried, a little disappointed, and one hundred percent adorable.

And for the record, I wouldn’t normally blog about this kind of thing, making it so public, but who the hell else would I tell besides everyone in the world reading my blog (so like two people). Anyway, maybe he’s a “maybe another time” kind of guy. I hope so because he was someone who made me laugh out loud, feel special, and could have conversations for hours with. I’m not going into any more detail about his specialties than that. Let’s just say he was pretty great.

So I’m cutting this post off with no appropriate ending. I just scored two large double White Russians and I intend to drink them both. Today I deserve it. Happy Monday to you all and happy dating!

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  1. emotionsoflife2016 says:


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  2. Thank you, very kind!

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  3. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    My pleasure

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  4. shatteredwish says:

    Awesome! Congrats to you! I love white russians by the way 🙂

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  5. W07 says:

    Blue. They are blue.
    Stake your claim if it’s what you really want.


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  6. They are blue indeed…and beautiful!!


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